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Search detailed listings for buying used cars. Our detailed listings of used cars for sale in your area are updated daily. Once you find the right used car at the right price, you may contact the seller yourself to work out the details of test driving and purchasing the vehicle.

Before Buying

You have a right to:

  1. A Competitive price
  2. Freedom from Haggling
  3. Full disclosure
  4. Fair Trade-In Pricing
  5. Accurate Explanation of Credit Status
  6. Fair Lending Rates and Fees
  7. Upfront, Full Disclosure of Fees
  8. Exceptional Customer Service

Before you buy a used vehicle do a road test both in the city and on the highway. Visually inspect the bodywork in broad daylight. Inspect the interior, especially the seats, upholstery and seat belts, and make sure that their condition reflects the car's mileage. Finally, check the engine bay. Pay attention to the hoses and battery. Oil levels and cleanness should be up to standards.

Whether you're looking to buy a new or used vehicle, it's in your best interest to keep a watchful eye during the transaction and delivery. Just think about such frauds as modified odometers or vehicles damaged by the elements (hail, for instance) that are repaired and then sold as "brand new".

Internet companies allow you to quickly search and find the best prices on a wide range of cars. However, just because they’ve advertised a car, it doesn’t mean that they’ll be able to supply one quickly. Sometimes they sell used cars as well.

Where you buy your car will affect the type of car you buy, and the level of service that you receive. Think about what you're looking for, and the best place to find it.

Selling Your Used Car

First you must establish a value for your used car. To assist you, used car price guides are available at libraries or book stores. Also check your local newspaper's automotive advertising section for similar vehicles. It will help you set a fair price based on your local market. You may also want to take your car to a couple of used car lots and see how much they'll offer you.

Manufacturer Certified Pre-Owned (CPO) Programs are a popular alternative to buying new or used. Prepare your vehicle for resale by having the car cleaned and detailed by a professional detail shop. Having your car cleaned gives you an edge over other vehicles in the market. An attractive car can justify a higher selling price. Also do not make any major repairs. Any major mechanical repairs or body work will almost always cost more than the increase in price you'll get for the car. Instead of spending a lot of money, simply be honest and straightforward in your ad for the car.

Car dealers can set up an account and place unlimited ads. Additional tools and services are offered to dealers to help sell cars and manage a successful web campaign. Our "FREE CLASSIFIED" exclusively for used car dealers, provides an easy and effective solution for car dealers to display inventory on our own website. It is the only vehicle management system of its kind and it is totally free to use on your own website. We offer you a wide variety of vehicle listings that will help you find the perfect vehicle for you and your family’s needs.